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Lectures given by highly experienced teachers, and the appropriate college guidance for each student will enhance your academic skills.

Osaka Japanese Language Academy has many experienced teachers followed by the principal. We have Japanese Language study program from beginner to advanced level, as well as the University preparatory course. Moreover, we guide students for entering National Universities・Graduate schools to private schools, by working with the University professors and admission personnel.
Principal of Osaka Japanese Language Academy
Principal Kyoko Hirabayashi

A pioneer of the Japanese Language education. The number of students she managed to enroll to Universities are uncountable, she listens to every single students’ voices like the great mother. She likes spicy food. She can eat any spicy food from any countries.

Message from Principal Hirabayashi "By providing many topics with comfortable speed, we will try to give a class that makes you want to have communication with others. We are currently looking for the reliable teachers and the students″

Instructor of Osaka Japanese Language Academy
Teacher Yayoi Nakanishi
She has a long experience in teaching middle school, knows what the real school environment is like. She can take care of any students, and reliable person. She has lived in China for 4 years, speaks fluent Chinese. She takes a leadership in uniting the part time teachers.

Message from Teacher Nakanishi "I will do my best to support you and for your smile! Let’s study together!″
Instructor of Osaka Japanese Language Academy
Teacher Takeshi Honda
He has experience in teaching Japanese at our affiliated school; HuaiHai Institute of Technology,he was very popular to the college girls with his handsome look and the kind heart. He is very rare Japanese teacher who has taken the teaching path, after graduating from engineering department and worked as the bacteriological researcher Professional in singing Karaoke!
Instructor of Osaka Japanese Language Academy
Teacher Wako Ishibashi

She is the youngest amongst all teachers, also the most popular teacher. She is kind to everybody, keeps short distance with the students, and listens to you like an older sister. She enjoys being a Japanese teacher, and we are happy for her upcoming future.

Message from Teacher Ishibashi "The only way to learn language is by using one. So let’s speak together, and enjoy the study abroad life!″

Part-time Teachers
Part-time Teachers of Osaka Japanese Language Academy
Teacher Yumiko Tanaka
She has an experience of working as a tour conductor, which makes her able to connect with students with wide aspects. She has an attractive personality, and popular for giving the specific Japanese guidance.
Part-time Teachers of Osaka Japanese Language Academy
Teacher Kazuhiko Nakata
He has stayed in many countries such as England and China, and can understand many different languages. He gives lecture not only about the Japanese language, but also the culture and his knowledge. Loves using the powerpoint during his class.
Part-time Teachers of Osaka Japanese Language Academy
Teacher Naomi Fujii
She is a unique Japanese teacher who has the clinic technologist license. She can communicate with anybody and well know for her joyful character. She has many years of teaching experiences, also popular for giving the fun lecture.
Part-time Teachers of Osaka Japanese Language Academy
Teacher Michiko Fukushima
She used to study the Japanese traditional puppet, which is one of the representation of Japanese culture.
Part-time Teachers of Osaka Japanese Language Academy
Teacher Erika Makino

She graduated from Osaka University as a Japanese Language Major. Osaka university has the history and tradition for researching Japanese language, and became very important research facility. She is young, but has many research experiences at Japanese Language educational institute in Asian and European countries. Her theoretical and storytelling lecture is very popular for the University and Graduate school prep students.

Part-time Teachers of Osaka Japanese Language Academy
Teacher Tsukasa Torii
She is an experienced teacher who graduated from the law department, has a toy advisor license, also can correspond to wide varieties of genre. She is very helpful, popular Japanese Language teacher who can teach any student, also a very good mother at home.
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