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The precondition of understanding a country is to learn about its language first.
Honorary advisor ZHAO PING
Director of School of Foreign Languages, Huaihai Institute of Technology
Short cut for language learning is to practice it in its native country.
Short cut for language learning is to practice it in its native country. As music, language could be memorized with repeated listening and reading. The obstacle of foreign language learning in China is lack of environment for listening and reading. Subsequently, foreign language learning largely relies on rote memory. However, rote-memorized language is fragile. It is unwise to spend much time on Japanese language learning in rote memory for Chinese students. Thus I strongly recommend learning Japanese language and using it simultaneously in Japan. It could not only save much time on studying Japanese language, but also could taste and absorb Japanese culture. I believe that it will be a treasure to learning Japanese language in Japan for your life.
Supporters association will provide all-round support for every student.
Special Advisor NITTA TAKASHI
Senator of Osaka city
Support everyone to the world.
As a twenty-one years of senator of Osaka city and a director of an accounting firm, I, with many years of experience in political, economic and regional contributions, deeply felt that my working fields could not be restricted in regional activity, but in global activity. At the moment of foundation of Osaka Academy Japanese Language School by my son, I am pleasure to offer my everything for this school and all-round supports for coming overseas students with my experience and host advantages. I will help students to taste daily life of Japanese, take part-time job and to join community activity in order to deepen understanding Japanese culture. I also support overseas students to stay at Hiranoku area, Osaka city as your second hometown and keep a globalization-oriented attitude.
It is an exciting event when Osaka Academy Japanese language school is founded.
The happiness is in every sense.
Professor of Graduate School of Creative Cities, Osaka City University
Globalization in Japan
First of all, for a foreigner, Japanese language school is the best place to study Japanese. As a professor and a Japanese, I’m really happy that this new language was founded.
If someone only studies form the books, he surely cannot taste and understand the genuine Japanese culture, tradition and custom.
Secondly, in many countries, the basic foreign language teaching is necessary. For example, in China, there are many great books of Japanese language study, and many excellent teachers. Recently, the expert who researches Japanese from Jiangsu Province, he publishes a very interesting book about Japanese studying. If someone only studies form the books, he surely cannot taste and understand the genuine Japanese culture, tradition and custom. Especially, many foreigners cannot understand why Japanese has a comfortable living, because Japan has the limited land; but it has the modern technology. Japan is one of aging societies in the world; it is still an earthquake-prone country. But Japanese has a spirit to overcome all difficulties. I believe coming to Japan and studying Japanese is necessary to close this society and understand the local life.
cool head, & warm heart
Third,The director of this language school was my student who got the master degree. He is cool head and warm heart; I think the school will be as excellent as the great leader. Study the living in Japan is necessary, and you will study it in the school. Of course, Japan still has the economic and social problems. But, the safety life, comfortable living, enthusiasm to help foreigner, the citizens has the spirit of bend one's back to the task, even if just on trifles. And the Japanese are extremely unity group. All above, I think those who are top in the world, are welcomed to Japan. Diversified Japanese cultures, from the comic book, cartoon and other popular culture, more than 1000 years of continuous ancient traditional cultures and technology are available for your study.
To successfully enter postgraduate study, someone studies Language is a short cut.
Director of Assistance Association for Graduate School Overseas Students in Japan
I am working as an advisor, will provide short-term courses for students bents who are planning to enter college study in Japan .
I manage two construction companies. But before this, I spend long time to manage training school. So from the aspect of guiding youth, I think my work is education. Meanwhile, support youth to striving for realizing their dreams is also my work. Therefore, I hope that youth from different countries could study the advanced technologies and knowledge in Japan, thus I contact CHIKA KATSUHIKO who is the professor of Osaka City University. We create an association named “Assistance Association for Graduate School Overseas Students in Japan”. Goal of this association is to unite some graduate schools and professors to provide preliminary education as well as mental and materialistic supports for students who are planning to enter college study in Japan. Fortunately, Osaka Academy Japanese Language School, which I am working as a advisor, will provide short-term courses for students bents who are planning to enter college study in Japan.
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