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Entrance qualification
Class Qualifications
General Course 1)A minimum of 12 years educational experience or similar qualification.
2)Potential students must have passed one of the examinations stated below.
  • JLPT N5 Level
  • J-Test Level F
  • NAT Test Level 5
Preparatory Course
Preparation for Graduate Course 1)Potential students must hold a university degree.
2)Certificate of JLPT N2 level or higher.
It will enroll students until the quota is full. Moreover, all additional information if necessary are requires to be submitted prior to at least one month of application expiration due to entrance review and check.
Class term

Application fee

Entrance fee Program fee Book fee Total
class 1-year 30,000yen 50,000yen 668,000yen 12,000yen 760,000yen
class 2-year 30,000yen 50,000yen 1,336,000yen 24,000yen 1,440,000yen


30,000yen 50,000yen 1,169,000yen 21,000yen 1,270,000yen
30,000yen 50,000yen 1,002,000yen 18,000yen 1,100,000yen
30,000yen 50,000yen 835,000yen 15,000yen 930,000yen
1-year 30,000yen 50,000yen 668,000yen 12,000yen 760,000yen
1-year class for postgraduate applicant 1-year 30,000yen 50,000yen 768,000yen 12,000yen 860,000yen
Recruitment requirements and application information download
Download all documents at once
Application + Resume + Study reasons form + Tuition payment + Pledge
(PDF 1.45MB)
Download individual documents
Application (PDF 176KB)
Resume (PDF 233KB)
Study reasons form (PDF 147KB)
Tuition payment (PDF 188KB)
Pledge (PDF 160KB)
Each document was uploaded in PDF format. It could be opened by Adobe Reader system, if you want to download this system, please click the icon from left.
Entrance application and time limit
Entrance Time Application Acceptance Application submission to Immigration Bureau Approval Result Entry into Japan
April Term Last year October-November Last year, middle of December End of February End of March
July Term Late January – February Middle of March End of May End of June
October Term Late April- May Middle of June End of August End of September
January Term Late July – August Middle of September End of November Beginning of January
Our school could be an agent to help students to prepare documents and formalities for applying visa to enter Japan.
Procedures from application to entrance
1) Submission of application documents The applicant submits application documents to Osaka Japanese Language Academy
2) Final Check on entry into Japan After checked by Osaka Japanese Language Academy, application documents will be submitted to the Immigration Bureau for final approval.
3) Certificate of Eligibility The The certificate of Eligibility is issued by the Japanese Immigration Bureau.
4) Tuition payment After confirmation on the issued Certificate of Eligibility, the applicant is required to pay tuition to the language school.
5) Transfer of The Certificate of Eligibility The certificate of eligibility is transferred to the applicant from the Osaka Japanese Language Academy.
6) Visa Application The applicant should apply Visa in the Embassy or Consulate of Japan in China.
7) Preparation to Entry Into Japan After approved, the applicant enters Japan.
8) Entrance The applicant enter Osaka Japanese Language Academy.
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