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Our School
Name Osaka Japanese Language Academy
Founded on 08, Feb, 2012
Director NITTA GORO (Also director of N.T.U)
Honorary advisor ZHAO PING
(Director of School of Foreign Languages, Huaihai Institute of Technology)
Special advisor NITTA TAKASHI (Senator of Osaka city)
(Professor of Graduate School of Creative Cities, Osaka City University)
INAGAKI YUICHI (Director of Assistance Association for Graduate School Overseas Students in Japan)
TEL 816-6707-2227
FAX 816-4303-3338
Address NO.2-2-12 Nagaharanishi Nagayoshi Hiranoku area, Osaka city, Osaka, Japan.Postcode: 547-0015
#2014 Number of students Enrolled
in Higher Education
Graduate School of Medicine Kyoto University 1 Person
Graduate School of Human Life and Environment Nara Women’s University 1 Person
Graduate School of Sociology Kansai University 1 Person
Faculty of Humanities SOAI Universities 1 Person
Faculty of Life Science Fukui University of Technology 1 Person
Welfare Business Kobe Health Welfare University 1 Person
Seifu Institute of IT and Japanese Language 3 Persons
Nara Institute of Computer 1 Person
Graduate School of Creative Cities Osaka City University 3 Persons
Graduate School of Literature and Praxeology Osaka City University 1 Person
Digital Hollywood Graduate School 1 Person
Introduction of school Diretcor
Director of Osaka Japanese Language Academy
Also director of N.T.U
Goro Nitta 新田 悟朗
Educational experiences
Graduated from Graduate School of Creative Cities, Osaka City University
Professional history
2001年 Helped to manage and operate an accounting firm, director of NAKKU Co,Ltd.
2003年 Engaged in operating different business fields such as real estate, insurance agency, etc. Director of NTU. Co.Ltd.
2007年 Senator of Osaka city and worked at NITTA Certified Tax Accountant Office
Also director of N.T.U
Make a contribution to the local, Japan, and the world is my goal.
Our school is located at Hiranoku area of Osaka city, this area has many Small and medium-sized enterprises. I still have other companies. During the development in the new era, I deeply feel that technology development, new type labor force and Market development are very important. Therefore, I believe the contact between Japan and other countries in Asian that led by china and Korea is essential. Not only between the government, but also the contact between citizens has same significance which to push the relationship between cities, development of Japan or the whole world. To create the language school, I hope to keep the Asia as the centre to recruit the talent from different countries because they could study the advanced knowledge and technology for achieving the globalization in the future. As the saying goes “give you a hand do you’re a favor”, I will spare no efforts on contributing to this course. Because of the same aim, Mr. CHIKA KATSUHIKO, my supervisor, the professor from Osaka City University, support the high level educational university for oversea student. To supports the area or the country development.
Introduction of school President
Kyoko Hirabayashi 平林 京子
HIRABAYASHI KYOKO has successively worked as president with abundant teaching experience in many language schools. Her students come from all over the world and many graduates become her friends.
The most important thing is to share the sensibility and spirit of Japanese to everybody
I believe that it is important to teach and learn basic Japanese language in class and review it at home for students. But I believe that it is more important to deliver attitude, thinking and mentality of Japanese natives to the students. That is to say, basic Japanese language learning is strictly required in school while Japanese living custom learning is also required. Traditional art activities, such as ikebana (flower arrangement) and sado (teaism or tea ceremony) as well as the attitude of Cherish Everything of Japanese household and neighbors are offered to learn Japanese culture.
Understand and study the Japanese life custom,you may successful
These will be embodied in Japanese Overseas Student Test, Japanese Language Proficiency Test and future learning promotion. I believe that this enthusiastic learning attitude will be significant to future life of students. In short, my guidance philosophy in teaching is to cultivate positive and enthusiastic learning attitude for overseas students for sound learning results.
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12-2-2 nagaharanishi nagayoshi hiranoku ,Osaka City, Osaka 547-0015 Japan

547-0015 大阪市平野区長吉長原西2-2-12