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This privacy policy explains about precautions on our website, as well as the use of your personal information. Our school can always make changes to this privacy policy, and all the viewers must agree to the present privacy policy. We appreciate your understanding.
Privacy Policy
Scope of this Privacy Policy
This policy applies to your use of our Website, but it does not apply to websites of other domains, and unaffiliated sites operated by the other corporations. Our website introduces the links to other websites, in order to provide useful service&information. Privacy policy will not be applied to other websites directed from the links. We recommend you to check each privacy policies before accessing the other websites.
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If you link to our website, please link to the top-page. Also, please call the number listed below before placing the link. Osaka Japanese Language Academy TEL: 816-6707-2227

Management of Your Personal Information
Your personal information is strictly managed to secure the safety and prevent from losing, destroying or leakage of the information.
Use of Your Personal Information
Personal information collected by our website will not be sold, rented, leased, or shared to third parties.
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