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Student Life and Support Staff
Osaka Japanese Language Academy Head of Daily Life Guidance
Teacher Toshihisa Okada  
Our duty is to let you concentrate on your study.
I support students’ everyday life. What overseas students should do after arriving in Japan is, join the national health insurance, apply permission of activity outside scope permitted, and open the new bank account. As well as making the cell phone contract, and there are so many things that you will not understand with your first visit in Japan. What you should do before going to the hospital…. Our special staffs will take care of all those problems. We do our best for all students to be able to focus on the studies. Sometimes we will help you like a father and a mother, to make a good study environment.
[ Languages : Japanese & Indonesian ]
Teacher Zhao Xue
Languages: Chinese & Japanese
I have a lot of life experience and a wide knowledge of Japanese culture as I studied in Japan for 2 years. I can understand your feelings such as the anxiety and hope. As your senior, I support you for a fulfilling life in Japan. If you have any troubles, please do not hesitate to talk to me.
Teacher Nhan
Languages: Vietnamese & Japanese
Up until now, I have so many study-abroad experiences so I can understand all of your feelings such as the anxiety and hope. I will do my best to turn your study-abroad life into fulfilling experiences, therefore please feel free to reach out to me any time.
Teacher Kohei Yamamoto
Languages : Japanese & English
I would like to help our students using my experiences obtained studying overseas. Please come to me if you need my help. I am here for you.
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