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Educational Philosophy

Educational Philosophy「一心精進」

Concentration for Progress

  • Help and guidance for future study

    • Design personal language courses and provides student career guidance for the learner.
    • Provide satisfactory studying and living conditions for oversea students who prepares to continue the postgraduate study.
      Professors of Osaka City University and the director of Assistance Association for Graduate School Overseas Students in Japan are appointed as advisers to provide all-round and in-depth helps, guidance and suggestions for overseas students.
  • Help and guidance for social activities

    • NITTA TAKASHI, Senator of Osaka city, is the special advisor to provide all-round helps, guidance for overseas students.
    • Trade companies and enterprises with staff over 400 will offer opportunities for students conducting social, cultural and occupational (part-time job) activities.
  • Help and guidance for livelihood

    • The accommodation is available near school and lending bicycle is free for students.) ☆ Various stores near school are convenient for your life.
    • Various stores near school are convenient for your life.
    • Chinese tutors will do their best to provide an ideal and happy study and life environment to students. Students could contact Chinese tutors at anytime.


  • 2012.08.03 English website is available.

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