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Preparatory course to enter Japanese companies or universities. It is popular with small group class that consists of polite and easy to understand lesson.
Class Room
Preparatory Course
The preparatory Course consist of 3 different courses that depends on your objective and enrollment period.
Course   Outline Japanese Language Skill Requirements
General Course 1 year1 year course for improving Japanese Language Skills.
(April Enrolment/ March Graduation)
The person must pass one of the examinations stated below:
  • JLPT N5 Level
  • J-Test Level F
  • NAT Test Level 5
Preparatory course 2years
1 year and 9 month
1 year and 6 month
1 year and 3 month
1 year
Preparation for entering Japanese company or universities.
( April, July, October and January Enrolment/ March Graduation)
Preparatory course for graduate school 1 year 1 year preparation for entering Japanese graduate school.
(April Enrolment/ March Graduation)
Certificate of JLPT N2 level or higher.
Students will be divided into 4 groups depending on each of their Japanese language skills and objectives.
Each class has the teacher in charge and the teacher for specific course. The course will be proceeded upon study level. A class session will maintained to be interested by mixing the newspapers and movies into the teaching material.
Class Class Objectives
Beginner 6 Months Class
  • Read and write the Japanese syllabary using Katakana & Hiragana (The first half of beginner class)
  • Study the N5 level Kanji・vocabularies and write a simple paragraph(The first half of beginner class)
  • Learn the minimum communication skills required for daily lives. (The first half of beginner class)
  • Write a paragraph with conjunctions using the entrance level grammars and vocabularies, and to develop the reading comprehension skill. (The second half of beginner class)
  • Study the N4 level vocabularies・grammars, and learn the basis of communication skills. (Thesecond half of beginner class)
Intermediate 6 Months Class
  • Understand reading comprehensions of long paragraph by revising the beginner level sentence pattern and vocabularies. (The first half of intermediate class)
  • Learn to use the Japanese Proficiency Test N3 level vocabularies・grammars for conversation practices.  (The first half of intermediate class)
  • Understand reading comprehensions of N2, 3 level long paragraph. (The second half of intermediate class)
  • Learn to use the Japanese Proficiency Test N2 level vocabularies・grammars for conversation practices.  (The second half of intermediate class)
  • Learn to be able to give own opinion theoretically (The second half of intermediate class)
Advanced Level 6 Months Class
  • Examination for Japanese University admission for International Students, Japanese proficiency test N1, and developing the basis required for taking an University entrance examination.
  • Learn grammars・vocabularies that are equivalent to Japanese language proficiency test N level 1 and 2, and use them for conversation practice.
  • Understand an author’s opinion and the important part in reading comprehensions for long paragraph of N1 (The second half of advanced level )
  • Learn the expressions for various scenes, improve the practical Japanese skills.
  • University Preparatory (The second half of advanced level )
S Level 6 Months Class
  • Learning from newspapers and novels, technical vocabularies, thesis reading comprehension, developing the ability to understand the gist.
  • Mastering the structure of a thesis, and making a research plan for Graduate school.
  • Practice of attitudinal expression ・ university preparatory using Japanese business language.
Culture exchange with the Japanese people
We have the curriculum that focuses on conversation based exchange with the Japanese people (Company employees・University Students) We aim to improve your Japanese conversation skills by making an opportunity to have a coversation with the general Japanese people.
Class hours
Class schedule will be proceeded as follows.
Monday – Friday 20 hours per week (yearly class hours 760 hours)
Morning Class 1st Period 9:00 ~ 9:45
2nd Period 9:55 ~ 10:40
3rd Period 10:50 ~ 11:35
4th Period 11:45 ~ 12:30
Afternoon Class 1st Period 13:00 ~ 13:45
2nd Period 13:55 ~ 14:40
3rd Period 14:50 ~ 15:35
4th Period 15:45 ~ 16:30
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